Cost and Duration of a Divorce

annulmentsThere are two types of cost in a divorce fixed and variable. The fixed cost is fees for the papers given to your spouse and the filing fees paid to the court it can range from $200 to $500 while the variable cost is fees for legal representation by an attorney and document preparation. Depending on the case the expense of the attorney can vary immensely. There is a possibility that extra cost may be added especially when the court orders to financial analyst or mediation of disputed issues.

Some factors can take effect the amount of time to get a divorce, and some can vary depending on the state of residence.

Here Are the Factors That Can Take Effect The Duration of Divorce

Waiting Periods

annulment a marriageSome states require a certain amount of time when filling a divorce.

Separation requirements

You and your spouse should be proven that living separately as required depending on the state.

Residency requirements

Is the length of time the resident should be resident of the state with a minimum of one year.

Other conditions

It is required when the court needs the mediation of issues regarding disputes, marriage counseling or parent education.